Sabah Al-Ahmad City Cultural Centre By BDP

Sabah Al Ahmad Cultural Center

Sabah Al Ahmad Cultural Center

The UK’s largest architectural company BDP has been appointed by the Public Authority of Housing Welfare to design a landmark building for the new settlement. The center will be a projection of the rich history and will provide state-of-the-art facilities and an inspirational home for a wide range of cultural activities.

The Cultural Centre lies at the heart of the new city. The scheme is designed to act as a physical reference point for the city centre, featuring a ‘unique’ public gathering space. The architects have designed a roof canopy that will provide shade and harness solar energy when integrated with photovoltaic panels. The aerial view of the building will make it look like a lily pond, which is yet another bewildering aspect of the center. Enjoy the photos below:

Gleaming cultural centre to rise in Kuwait desert city

Kuwait Cultural Centre by BDP

Sabah Al Ahmad Cultural Center

Kuwaiti cultural centre

Sabah Al Ahmad Cultural Center by BDP

Images courtesy of BDP


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