Remarkable Shell House Rendering By Jamie Holmes

Here you are welcome to see the Jamie’s wonderful work of the rendered shell house located in the woods of Karuizawa in Kitasaku, Nagano by Kotaro Ide. He got first position in the exterior category of latest competition of Evermotion. He had done a wonderful job to pull off a outstanding 3d recreation based on the orginal house.

Jamie made some changese to the layout and added a small Zen garden, also refined the architecture to fit his style.

Basically this house is a small artist’s retreat in a forest. One part is a living area and other area separated by the timber deck and Zen garden, is studio.

He used 3dsmax2011 with VRay 2.0. For the sand and rocks he used Zbrush. Also he used GrowFX and Forest Pro for the trees. He used textures from CG-Source and Arroway and remaining post was only done in photoshop and AE.

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