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Pierres Vives in Montpellier View
5 years ago

Pierres Vives by Zaha Hadid in Montpellier

Pierres Vives in Montpellier

An under construction Pierres Vives building at Montpellier designed by Zaha Hadid. She has designed a new inspirational architectural design as a “tree of knowledge”  that consists three civil  institutions situated within a single building. The building is a creative combination of three civic departments like sports complex, the archives and library.

The 28, 500-square-meter area is covered by this building including various houses and offices of above departments. The longitudinal division is attached within the ground floor. The public area of each section links directed to the lobby and exhibition space is situated in the centre of the building. The interiors are featured by rolling floors, ceilings, and a vortex of bifurcating walls.

Pierres Vives in Montpellier View

Pierres Vives in Montpellier Central Point

Pierres Vives

Labriary Pierres Vives

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