Museum Competition Renders From Bertrand

In this post, I am going to reveal the Museum competition rendered by Bertrand and this competition was organized by Ronen Bekerman. The competition has now closed. According to Bertrand, “It was a lot of fun working with Maxwell. I had always thought of Maxwell as an ideal tool for product visualisation and small-scale scenes and had not expected it to perform so pleasantly (and so fast) on such large scale environments”.

With Maxwell, unfamiliar tools have mainly to do with the lesser degree of integration in Max; Of course, unfamiliar tools will always come with a degree of frustration, especially as far as materials, and in particular procedurals, are concerned, or the lack of a genuine proxy system. In order to achieve reasonable render times, one can spend a very long time tweaking the myriad parameters in Vray. Especially if you are doing large-scale, high-quality stills, generally longer render times in Maxwell are partly offset by not having to do these tweaks where you would need to push Vray’s quality settings quite high and may therefore hit some pretty serious render times too.

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