Modern Villa in a Hungarian Town by Polla Bauer and András Ónodi

Modern Villa Surrounded by Hungarian Vineyards

Modern Villa Surrounded by Hungarian Vineyards

A beautiful Modern Villa Built in the suburbs of a vineyard-intersected provincial town in Hungary. The sober, elegant and modern residential building is designed by a young Budapest-based architect couple Polla Bauer and András Ónodi. The building displays a two-storey front facade continued under a gable roof with a single story floor plan in the back. The generous geometrical design is combined with a similarly elegant way of choosing the materials. The dark sheet metal cover on the roof and the large format panels cladding the facade provide for a homogeneous impression. Check out the following image gallery to see how lovely the house is.

 Hungarian architecture by Polla Bauer and Andras Onodi

Modern Villa in Hungary

Modern home in Hungary

House in a Hungarian Town

Single family residence in Hungarian Surroundings

Modern Villa in Hungary

Villa Architects Polla Bauer and Andras Onodi

Interior of Modern Villa in Hungary

Photos by: Tamás Bujnovszky

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