Luxury Haack House in Brazil by 4D-Arquitetura

Recently the Brazilian studio 4D-Arquitetura has completed the Haack House project. It’s a lovely two-story contemporary residence and located in Guaíba, Brazil. The exterior of this house features strong wooden architecture with a simple pool and interesting stairs design.  The house structure was built on metal girders and pillars with two large concrete plans that serve as support.

Haack House is located in a gated community, where walls and fences are not allowed. The architects had to come up with a plan that would ensure a maximum level of privacy, so the house had the design developed in three parallel horizontal bars that protects terrain sides. Modern design furniture in the interior brings this house into contemporary touching featuring many modern rooms.

Two story contemporary home designed by Brazilian studio 4D-Arquitetura

Luxury wooden style Haack House Residence by Brazilian studio

Casa Haack interior in Guaiba, Brazil

leisure pool Haack House by 4D Arquitetura

Wooden style Luxury Haack House Residence

Dining Haack House Residence by Brazilian studio

Casa Haack in Guaiba, Brazil by 4D-Arquitetura

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