Logan Offices by SO-IL

Logan Offices by SO-IL

Logan Offices by SO-IL

A Brooklyn-based architect SO-IL has designed new office and studio space for a production company, Logan.  Located in New York, these new offices feature collaborative and contemporary work environment with minimal furnishing and decoration. The environment of the space changes invariably and demand individual work stations and rooms, while maintaining a high level of flexibility.

The area is divided into two identical spaces. A 65 foot long custom work table is provided in each room. The shared desks in the office provide facility to working group of all size and merge the company’s operation including production, design and meetings in single place. The two main office suites are further subdivided by glass screens providing space for private offices and meeting rooms. Take a look!

View from outside

Work space

Glass wall

Custom work table

Refreshment area

Logan Offices


Interior design

Photographs: Iwan Baan, Naho Kubota


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