Incredibeds Designed Large Stuffed Animals Beds for Kids Bedroom

giant stuffed animals

Incredibeds large stuffed kids bedroom

The Incredibeds, LLC of Orlando, FL. designed creative stuffed animal beds for kids. Incredibeds is the brain child of Jeremy Maloney, a self taught craftsman who originally set out to build a bed for his son. These are the machine-washable jumbo stuffed animals come with their own matching sheets (called Bedjammies) designed to complete the fantasy-themed sleep area. The Incredibed plush bed frame series includes dinosaurs, bears and dogs. Check out these amazing stuffed animal beds.

 Incredibed dinosaurs

Incredibed dogs bed design for kids

dogs bed design for kids by Incredibed

giant stuffed animals

Incredibeds giant stuffed animals bed designs

Incredibeds Bears childrens bed design

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