Impressive 3D Rendering of Maison Hermes by Roberto De Rose

Here in this post we are revealing the wonderful 3d rendering of Maisono Hermes by Roberto De Rose from State of Art studio. Hopefully, you will be pleased to read this article.

Reference Material

First of all, references!
Roberto De Rose makes this artwork after watching a lot of photos from different angles at various times. Photos of famous building gave an idea for the artwork and he decided where he can play colors and lights to recreate the magic.

Modeling & Lightening

This stage proved easy for him, just 12,000+ glass-blocks gave him a little problem. He made a single mesh for the structure merging the linear 42,8cm glass-block with the 21,4cm angular one.

On each floor, there are 9 to 12 spot lights and Vray sky with night settings. No HDRI. To improve the illumination, VRay lights are used on the slabs. . Street lights were made with a VRay light material. To add reflections, there are a lot of cubes mapped with textures of building in the scene.

Top view of glass-block element

Glass-block structure

View of glass-block facade

The building in camera view port

Materials and Rendering

3D Studio Max (3dsmax) & VRay were used to render out an A3 300dpi image (4960×3500). And very simple materials are used. He made 3 different type of glass, one for the main structure, one for other buildings and a last one for the mirror effect of the palace at left.

VRay Raw Reflections Pass

Glass material example

Post Processing

For the post production, he just showed the key points of the work.

Base render

Color corrections for dusk time

Starting to paint on render

Darkening image & adding the sky

Adding background, shops & car

Final Result

You could see the final image in which Roberto De Rose add more lights and people.

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