How To Create Perfect Window Views for Interior Scenes in KeyShot

In this post we are sharing the 3D interior scene that you will create in short time. When you are creating the scene, you are focusing on that point that when somebody looks out the window of your 3D rendered interior scene, then he could see those trees, the grassy expanse, the sky and any roads to look stunningly perfect.  There are many applications out there that can help you to complete your scene, but here we have a quick tip that will defiantly create your window view for your interior scenes in KeyShot.

Window Views for Interior Scenes in KeyShot

If you want to set the backplate or angle your model just right against the backplate, but you may failed to get the exactly image or look you want. Here is faster method that provides you more adjustment options. Behind the window, set up a plane that gives a surface for you to apply a label onto. There are three reasons it becomes useful.

No 1: It provides you the fixed surface that you apply on image and providing you more control over the viewing angle.

No 2: Against any reflective material you will be able to get realistic reflection of the image.

No 3: For backplates, labels have adjustment option of their own scale, depth, intensity, etc.

Here in this tutorial, Rex will tell you the process of inserting the plane into scene, applying the image as a label to the plane and adjusting the label for wonderful view through your window.

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