House D by Pauhof Architekten

House D by Pauhof Architekten

House D by Pauhof Architekten

Pauhof Architekten has completed this single family residence named ‘House D’ located in Novacella, Italy. It is basically a four story building, each with unique character determining the spatial continuum. The ground floor of the house features fair-faced concrete walls and a neutrally toned studio gallery while clerestory windows let the natural light and heat to come into the house. The gallery space in the house also contains a bedroom for children, a guestroom, bathroom and utility rooms. The main entrance to the house is provided through a wide, concrete staircase. The use of different colors and materials play a great role to enhance the overall beauty and charm of the House D. Check out the pictures below:

Way leading to house

Wide staircase


Staircase design

Interior Design

Outside View from the house




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