Hanoi Museum in Vietnam by GMP Architects

Hanoi Museum in Vietnam

Hanoi Museum in Vietnam

Hanoi Museum in Vietnam is an outstanding achievement of German architectural firm GMP. Situated in the midst of an artificial park, the 30,000 sqm museum is encircled by water basins and provides huge areas for outdoor exhibits. While entering the museum landscape the visitors meet the history of Hanoi and traditional Vietnamese villages.

The first and second floors of the museum are used only for exhibition purposes, while the third floor includes conference rooms, research rooms along with offices and library. Visitors to the museum can access upper floor through a spiral ramp, where as the main entry level can be accessed from the park on all four sides. Check out the images about Hanoi Museum in Vietnam below!

Night shot

Exhibition floors

Detail of overhanging volumes


Central void and lobby

View into lobby

Beautiful view of overall site

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