Futurumshop by Ares Architecten

Futurumshop by AReS Architecten View

Futurumshop by AReS Architecten

On the prominent place of Apeldoorn, Ares Architects has designed a powerful business premises for a successful sports center. This shopping plaza has some inspirational features. Interestingly, not only the big glass facade that across the full length of the property. The wall of this building, made with 12 maritime containers. A container is considered as a symbol of world trade. This wall of containers acts as both a partition between different areas of building like storage room, pantry area and conference hall.

The building height has been adjusted with containers. All constructions designs and installations are visible because of previous ceilings have been left out. Logos and names of suppliers are designed on containers that give the building a special appearance. Elevated bridges and steel staircases connect various areas of offices. Remarkable is the fact that conference room is made with a glass wall.

Futurumshop by AReS Architecten View

Internal View of Futurumshop

Entrance Point of Futurumshop

Wall of Containers

Back View of Futurumshop


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