Dar Hi Eco-Retreat in Tunisia by Matali Crasset

Dar Hi Eco-Retreat in Tunisia

Dar Hi Eco-Retreat in Tunisia

Designer Matali Crasset dreamed up and developed Dar HI, an eco-lodge on the tip of Northern Africa, in the south Tunisian desert. The boutique hotel is the second collaboration between French businessmen Philippe Chapelet, Matali Crasset and Patrick Elouarghi with a new concept of eco-retreat. The overall goal of the design was to give a strong proposition, while staying in harmony with the site’s natural and local life.

Every structure provokes a certain type of comportment. Like the architecture of the region, the building is surrounded by a wall, and follows the shape of the landscape. A discreet door leads you to imagine that you walk in a private house. DAR HI proves to be a serene retreat, whether you’re relaxing in the pool heated with natural thermal water, or watching the sun set over the dry salted lake Chott El Djerid. Enjoy the pictures below:

Dar HI’s layout

wrap around windows

thermal pool

Beautiful Door

Bedroom Design

interior design


Modern Interior Design

the view over nefta

Dar Hi Eco-Retreat in Tunisia by Matali Crasset


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