Contemporary Stoneridge Residence by Assembledge+ and Billy Rose Design

Stoneridge Residence by Assembledge

Stoneridge Residence by Assembledge

The Assembledge +Architect teamed up with Billy Rose Design to build this contemporary house known as Stoneridge Residence. Occupying a total area of 11,781 square foot this luxury residence is situated in the hills of Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. The Stoneridge Residence actually is a renovation of a 1991 house and the purpose behind this project was to reconnect the house with its site via large restructured openings.

The interiors of the Stoneridge house widely utilize the Wood and stone. Made up from brick-faced box forms, the second floor of the house provides excellent views of the San Fernando Valley and backyard. The most attractive part of the backyard is an Olympic-sized infinity-edge pool which adds beauty to the house. Creative and inspiring rippling custom- molded wall art welcomes the visitors.

Stoneridge Residence



Staircase design

Living area


Bath room


Night view



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