Contemporary S Cube Chalet in Kuwait by AGi Architects

Contemporary S Cube Chalet in Kuwait by AGi Architects

Madrid and Kuwait City-based AGi Architects have recently completed their design for the ‘S Cube Chalet’, a structure comprised of three beach residences in Kuwait. The owners -two brothers and their sister each with their own families request the architects to design three intertwined beach houses, where they can enjoy the same exceptional environment in which they grew up, while maintaining complete independency and privacy from each other.

The plot has been divided in half with a pair of other structures positioned adjacent to each other with the mirrored plans. Each of the three houses enjoys an individual outdoor area that is open to the sky, privacy from its neighbor, and extended sea views. A polarizing view of the sea at one end with the desert at the other, the overall design provides wide open spaces creating ample room for relaxation.

 Modern Chalet Design Kuwait

South facing elevation

Outdoor living space

Dining Area

Living area

Indoor Pool Design

Roof terrace

Levels of roof terraces


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