Contemporary Jeju Cocoon House by Planning Korea

jeju cocoon house' by planning korea

jeju cocoon house' by planning korea

Seoul-based architectural practice, Planning Korea, completed their design for the Cocoon House, located on the UNESCO heritage site of Jeju Island. Placed within the center of the home, a spherical element appears as though it has been formed by natural processes, a true Eco-structure.

This is not a conventional resort for relaxation, but a self-sustaining resort that caters for both residential and business aspects. The residence will feature a conference room, a small atelier, a library, and a private gallery, in addition to living spaces, allowing the residents to combine both work and play in one building. Take a look!

aerial view

view to the ocean

exterior during the day

The Cocoon House

top view of the cocoon structure

open air pocket pool on terrace

dining area


living space

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