Contemporary I-House by Masahiko Sato

I-House by Masahiko Sato

I-House by Masahiko Sato

I-House is a different vision in contemporary designs created by a Japanese architect, Masahiko Sato of Architect Show. The house combines fantastic architecture with a breathtaking view.  The structure, located in Nagasaki, Japan, features an ivory-white finish, allowing it to simultaneously stand out and blend in to its environment.

Accessed by a winding mountain road, the rear of the residence introduces inhabitants into the first floor, whereas the ground floor serves as a terrace to enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding views. The inclined facade allows daylight to enter each floor without casting shadows to the rooms below. Balconies and patios are provided to enjoy the panoramic views of the sea.

view from the sloping terrain


view from the office

street elevation

kitchen and dining area


south facade overlooks the bay

view of dwelling from the town


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