Award Winning Design: HP Tree House by mmp Architects

HP Tree House by mmp Architects

HP Tree House by mmp Architects

Australian firm mmp Architects has recently completed HP Tree House, a residence in a secluded and forested site in MT Whitfield, Australia. This rainforest tree house is a 2012 House of the Year award winning design. The building ‘floats’ on a galvanized steel support structure, which carries through from the ground to the roof ensuring minimum site disturbance, low maintenance and structural integrity.

The flat roof includes solar power panels and the home is elevated by sturdy steel poles. The central living pavilion opens to the forest outlook and through a full glass wall, and also connects seamlessly to the outdoor living breezeway. In the night the HP Tree House appears to be a glowing tropical fortress nestled among the tree tops. A relaxed and easy ambience contributes to a harmonious relationship between the house and its occupants. Check out!

Aerial View Of Site

Upward View Of Residence



Living Room


Dining Area





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