Courtyard House by Hutchison & Maul

Guest Room of Courtyard House

Courtyard House is a well designed house that is located in Mercer Island. The area of this house is 50’ narrow and 400’long wide with 35 percent slope. Exterior concrete terraces are carved into the sloping side of the house. They provide sunlight into the rooms and also protect from neighbors. This house is designed by Hutchison & Maul Architecture.

The house has divided into two main parts: concrete plinth and hovering wood volume. Concrete Plinth consists well decorated living rooms and a guestroom. If you want to visit this home, you will have to cross beautiful exterior terraces, bridges and stairways. The entrance point is decorated with wood volume and powerful concrete walls. This house is fully furnished with latest luxuries. Further details of this house are given below.

Location: Mercer Island, Washington, USA
Project Area: 623 sqm
Architects: Hutchison & Maul Architecture
Contractor: EH Construction
Structural Engineer: Jeff Albert
Interior Design: Hutchison & Maul Architecture
Landscape Architect: Bruce Hinckley, Alchemie
Mechanical Engineer: Rainbow Consulting
Photography: Eduardo Calderon, Alan Abramowitz, Tom Hille, Hutchison & Maul Architecture

Sitting Room of Courtyard House

Entrance Point of Courtyard House

Dinning Room of Courtyard House

Internal View of Courtyard House

Courtyard House View

Stylish Roof of Courtyard House

Terrace of Courtyard House

Roof of Courtyard House

Kentfield Hillside Residence by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

Kentfield Hillside Residence

Kentfield Hillside Residence is an underground beautiful home that is situated at Kentfield, California, USA. A curved retaining wall covers home from the hillside. Roof of this house is carved away for the protection of the pool. This house is designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects.

This architectural design is divided into three areas like kitchen + dining hall, bedroom and guest room. Shed roof angled are placed to catch sun rays for solar hot water panels. The house is furnished with latest facilities like cooling system, heating system and water runoff system. This house looks like a beautiful blossoming flower among green hills. Additional information about the designers of this attractive home design is given under.

Architects: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects
Photographs: David Wakely Photography
Location: Kentfield, California, USA
Structural: Fratessa Forbes Wong
Interiors: TGH, Margaret Turnbull Simon
Landscape: Rana Creek
General Contractor: Redhorse Constructors
Civil Engineer: Sherwood Engineers

Kentfield Hillside Residence  Guest Room

Pond of Kentfield Hillside Residence  Guest Room

Bedroom of Kentfield Hillside Residence

Living Room Kentfield Hillside Residence

Kentfield Hillside Residence View

Kentfield Hillside Residence Hill View

Middle Park House by KPDO + CJA

Middle Park House

Middle Park House is located near a beautiful beach at Melbourne VIC Australia. This attractive architectural design is designed by KPDO + CJA. The neutral color palette has used in the design for holding of natural light. This house is surrounded by different fabulous views of sea, park and sky.

Ground floor included a long gallery, decorated dining room and living rooms. All rooms are furnished with hydronic heating system, double glazed windows, curtains and screens.  First floor contains the bedrooms, rooftop studio and a well designed kitchen. Interior designer used black and white contrast in the decoration of this home.

Dinning Room of Middle Park House

Sitting Room of Middle Park House

Kitchen of Middle Park House

Kitchen View of Middle Park House

Living Room of Middle Park House

Living Room of Middle Park House Design



Wolfe Center of Arts by Snøhetta

Wolf Center

Wolfe Center is a unique architectural design that has completed recently. This art center is situated at Green State University in Bowling. This project is beneficial for extracellular activities of students. This architectural design included three main spaces like, Proscenium Theater, Studio Theater and Actor’s Theater. The wolf center is creatively designed by Snohetta.

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AA House by Office of Architecture Barcelona

AA House by OAB

Office of Architecture Barcelona is an architectural firm that has completed many housing projects. Recently, it has constructed AA House that is based on geometric instrument. It has vertical consistent relationship between the floors. It is a two story home design which included well designed kitchen, decorated bed rooms, a library, beautiful swimming pool and dining rooms.

The base floor is decorated with glasswork and sliding panels that give a terrific look to the visitors. The upper level is decorated with glazing. The ceramic tiles are used in the walls of this house. Light can easily enter into the rooms from various points in the walls.

Front View of AA House by OAB

Back View of AA House by OAB

Library of f AA House by OAB

Terrific View of AA House by OAB

Swimmiming Pool of f AA House by OAB

Guest Room of f AA House by OAB

Dinning Rom of AA House by OAB

Victoria 73 House Designed by SAOTA

Terrific View of Victoria 73 House

Victoria 73 House is a stylish home that is designed by SAOTA at a beautiful place of Cap Town in South Africa. The area of this project is 1,099 m² that is covered with attractive views of the sea.

The architectural design is strongly inspired by the Californian houses. The cue of Victoria 73 House is demonstrated with the cantilever slab roof. The slab is supported by a marble clad wall plane and reminiscent of the stone walls.

The design is consists of decorated kitchen, furnished living room and well designed dining room, pool and grassy lawns. The owners can sit and enjoy their time on the pool deck.  The interior decoration of this house is done by Antoni Associates.

Outdoor View of  Victoria 73 House

Inside  View of  Victoria 73 House

Inside  View of  Victoria 73 House

Site View of Victoria 73 House

Victoria 73 House

Kitchen of Victoria 73 House

(Images credit: saota)

Shrouded House by Inarc Home Architects

Shrouded by Inarc House Architects

Shrouded House is a residential project that is designed by Inarc Architects. The bronze external settings are used by a rich internal palette of sandstone. This house is located at a beautiful place of Melbourne, Australia. Allison Pye completed the interior decoration of this house in February 2012.

The architectural design of Shrouded House is attractive and consists well decorated rooms. Bronze, glass and steel are used in decoration of building that give modern feel and terrific look. The contemporary glass sculptural design allows sun light to pass through without giving any internal view.

Architectural Design of Shrouded House

Shrouded House View

Interior Decoration of Shrouded House

Back Side of Shrouded House

Gordons Bay House by Luigi Rosselli Architecture

Splended View of Gordons Bay House

Gordons Bay House is an awesome home design that is designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects. This house is situated at a pleasuring spot of Sydney.  It is fully furnished with latest facilities. This astonishing home design consists of six alternatively offset levels that give a terrific look to its visitors.

This architectural design is constructed with powerful concrete beams and slabs. The main gate to the south is surrounded by endemic flowering ground, grassy lawns, beautiful plants and trees.

Garage floor is skewed for easy access of cars. The first floor consists of beautiful roof terrace, double height gallery and cantilevered overhangs. Windows are made with ellipsoid aluminium louvres that protect the rooms from aggressive seaside environment.

Gordons Bay House View

Gordons Bay House Terrace View

Room of Gordons Bay House

Interior Designing of Gordons Bay House

Gordons Bay House Terrific View

View of Gordons Bay House

CGM House by Ricardo Torrejón

CGM House

 CGM House is a nice architectural design, which is created by Ricardo Torrejon Schellhorn at Los Aromos, Chile. Recently, this fabulous architectural project is completed. Simple rectangular shapes and creative composition are used in this housing project.

The building site is cool and attractive and covered with mountains. The zigzag concrete retaining wall provides resistance that allows oriented views for the visitors. The windows are closely attached to the edges of the sides, which show exclusive expression to visitors. The general layout of this building is like a hamlet. Best pieces of wood are used in the interior decoration of the house.

Internal View of CGM House

Beautiful View of CGM House

CGM House by Ricardo

CGM House by Ricardo Torrejón

CGM House  Front View

Room of CGM House

CGM House View

Interior Design of CGM House

Best Attic Room Interior Designs

Attic rooms mostly designed for short corners of home that are useless for another activity and have small area.

It is a great challenge for designers to decorate or manage a small place in the building. But if you want to decorate that corner areas into different tinny delightful rooms then you need to get inspiration from following pretty ideas.

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20 Cool Office Interior Decoration Ideas

 Office is a place where some people together for a common goal. It is a working place that should be enjoyable for employees. If the decoration of office is creative and charming then the workers can feel good and do their responsibilities in a creative way.

If you want to get work according to your best concern from your employees you should design office in a cool manner. Here you can see some creative ideas from very famous companies of the world and get inspiration.

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Innovative Architectural Ideas from TWS & Partners

TWS & Partners is a popular home architectural corporation of Indonesia. It builds many beautiful housed in Jakarta and other cites of Indonesia.

You can see the fabulous eye catching architectural designs that gave fantastic look to their viewers.

Attractive Home Design by TWS & Partners in Jakarta
Preety Design By TWS & Partners
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