Ada Street Mixed Development by Amin Taha Architects

Black building

A new stylish building on the corner of Broadway Market and Ada Street in London, England is designed by talented architect Amin Taha. The 800 sq ft Shop includes a Kitchen and bathroom. The building is finished in an all-encompassing monolithic black render making up all external elements of the building including, parapets, sills, and window reveals. The shop also has a large glass door and window at the back leading into a courtyard and two glass doors and a window at the front, one facing Broadway Market and the other, Ada Street.

 ada st amin taha architects at night

 Building by amin taha architects

stylish Building by amin taha architects

  amin taha architecture at London

Black building by amin taha at London

B-Line: Small and Stylish Prefabricated House

smal prefab house bline

This small modern prefab house, designed by Hive-Modular, is called ‘B-Line Small 002′ and is situated in Minneapolis. The B-Line is named for it’s mostly “Bar” shape. It is not only a beautifully designed prefabricated house, it is also an Eco-friendly house as well. It uses and FSC certified and locally sourced flooring, rainwater collection, FSC certified wood framing, Concrete counter tops, No-VOC interior paints, energy star appliances and mechanical equipment.
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Contemporary Luxury Treetops Residence by Artas Architects & Planners

 Treetops house

Australian studio Artas Architects & Planners designed a beautiful Treetops Residence, which has an impressive modern architecture and featuring a swimming pool suspended 36 feet above the ground. D Pearce Constructions has constructed this building. It is located in Toowong, an inner suburb of Brisbane, Australia. The entry floor contains a three-car garage with off street parking for three visitor’s cars.
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The Singing Ringing Tree

sound sculpture

The Singing Ringing Tree is a beautiful building that resembles the shape of the tree. It was built in a mountainous area of Pennine Lancashire, England. At Crown Point high above Burnley town UK the ‘Singing-Ringing Tree’ – a unique musical sculpture in the form of a tree appears to bend against the endless windsthat pass over the hills. Award-winning architects Tonkin-Liu designed as one of four large-scale sculptures this building. The wind produces a low and mellow hum through pipes which are tuned so that they do not disturb the wildlife. It took six year to complete. The site offers a spectacular panorama of East Lancashire.

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Ultra Modern White Beach House by Richard Meier and Michael Palladino

Beautiful Beach House

Architects Richard Meier and Michael Palladino designed a beautiful breathtaking beach house. It is located in Pacific Coast of Southern California. Fronting the Pacific Ocean to the south, a courtyard to the west and the Pacific Coast Highway to the north, this 4,280 sq ft beach house follows in the tradition of SoCal’s courtyard houses that open to the outdoors.

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Beautiful Wooden C-Shaped House Design by TOTeMS Architecture

C Shaped House Design

This C-shaped house plan has excellent interior and exterior design. Totems Architecture has designed this creative and unique design house. It is located on a barrier island. It is situated on a mature oak hammock down the Sarasota Bay. The concept was inspired by the attributes of the live oaks and shaped according to prevailing coastal winds from the west. It is a design tree house with a small living room, which became apparent once inside and you find yourself among the treetops, looking through the many windows of C-shaped house. The exterior and interior walls in between the glulam beams are clad with ship lap cypress. The house floor plans evolved into an architectural structure that evoked an organic feeling influenced primarily by its location.

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Shell-Shaped Solar “Pearl” House by Solaleya

pearl shaped Beach house

French designer David Fanchon of Solaleya designed a latest sustainable house, “The Pearl” passive solar house. This completely customizable structure can be sized between 500 to 5,000 square feet inspired from a seashell which offers great structural strength and aerodynamics. Its shape is optimized to take advantage of the Sun’s benefits when needed and to protect from its harsher heat when necessary.
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Tea House in Shanghai With Twisting Shape and a Surprising Interior Design

Tea House and Library

Archi-Union Architect designed a project called Tea House and library, located in the backyard of Archi-Union Architects’ office in Shanghai, China. It has uncommon and unusual appearance, which perfactly match with the rules of modern design, while adding a little extra. The building has three different parts namely covered public area, library on the first floor and enclosed tea house at ground level. Lounge, reading room and service room and many other private spaces are arranged towards the rear of the building.

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Beautiful House Heidehof Designed by Alexander Brenner Architects

House Heidehof by Alexander Brenner Architects

The house Heidehof designed by Alexander Brenner Architect was completed in 2008. The beautiful two story home is located in Stuttgart, the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. This 377 square meters dream home displays a minimalist design, defined by straight lines and a constructive use of different building materials. House Heidehof displays an interesting mix of materials on the front facade – wood cladding adorns the large garage doors, above which a zebra-resembling pattern is suddenly interrupted by a white-washed second floor.
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The Meera House: An Incredible And Luxury Oasis House Concept

MEERA HOUSE upper side view

The Meera House was designed by Guz Architects and is located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore. The Meera House sits in a brand new housing estate on the Island of Sentosa (adjacent to Singapore). The strategy of architects was to build a solid wall to each side neighbor to provide privacy where possible,  while creating a central light and stair well which would funnel the sea breeze through the center of the building. The meera house is one that gives “rooftop gardens” a whole new meaning and it’s a pristine showcase of great design and green design, too.
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Stereoscopic House by Pencil Office Features Sharp Accents

House Featuring Sharp Accents

The Stereoscopic House by Pencil Office is a stunning structure designed by the Singapore-based architecture firm. This marvelous building is situated in Sentosa resort island of Singapore. This stereoscopic house is designed in such a way that it reflects beauty and architectural taste on one side and is Eco-friendly and sustainable on the other side. From rain harvesting systems to solar hot-water heating, this stunning house features perforated shutters that serves as a visual focal point against patterned wood cladding.
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Upstairs Flood Creates 3D Ceiling in Russia

3D Ceilings

Different cultures celebrate different things, but the Russians are paying homage to large breasts by using suspended ceiling structures. The 3D, as in three-dimensional—ceilings are very hot in Russia now. In Russia suspended ceiling is not only a stylish element of the flat interior, it can simply save your dwelling from flood made by the careless neighbors living above. Like in this case the practice shows that it is able to gather and hold all the water. Now the question is how to pour it off safely. But just imagine you wake up one morning and your ceilings look like this!

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