Agro-Housing by Knafo Klimor Architects



The Agro-Housing prefab concept is a modern housing solution that integrates green building practices, smart growth principles and traditional values to create sustainable urban communities. Agro-Housing, as its name implies will not only be a housing unit but will also let people grow their own food according to their requirements.

The multi-storey greenhouses provide each residential unit with ten square meters of greenhouse space. The building includes solar heating and cooling as well as a geothermal system for regulating temperatures using the underground water table. The program also includes a sky club for social gatherings and a kindergarten. The direct benefits to inhabitants will include greater freedom, better health and additional income while creating a sense of sustainable living amongst people all over the world.

Agro Housing

Green Housing Project

Agro-Housing by Knafo Klimor Architects

Modern Green houses

modern housing concept with a vertical greenhouse


Agro-Housing overview


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