43base Minimal House in Tokyo by Miurashin Architect + Associates

43base Minimal House in Tokyo

43base Minimal House in Tokyo

43base is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Miurashin Architect + Associates. Constructed from 150mm x 150mm x 12mm L-shaped steel elements produced in a factory, the rigid frame was assembled on site using a crane. Stepped into a hill, a garage at street level is the initial point of entry. A staircase leads the residents into the first level kitchen. From the entrance to the roof-top garden, the design alternates between small and large, high and low. On the top floor a bedroom is placed to hide itself from view from the common areas below.

Check out the images about 43base minimal house below:

Terrace view from the roof deck

Sunroom and Living area

stairs from kitchen lead to the living area

second level bedroom

Room + stairs to the second floor

bedroom view from the roof deck



sunroom + living room at night


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